About Jeff C.

Jeff C., born 1981, Hong Kong. 


"I am clinically depressed, that sadness and feeling blue became part of my everyday life. The world that I visual is dull most of time. I have consulted doctors, but medications could not help me much on my situation. One day I started painting, and it gave me new aspect of my life. I could express my thoughts and feelings on canvas way. I hope people can feel how I feel and what I have expressed through each stroke and shape of it. I would like to share my stories and how I got this far.


Like many other youngster, I quit school at age 15. I was involved with the so-called triads, selling pirated disk, worked in hair salons, in bakery, a driver helper and so on. I did whatever it took to survive. By age 17, I started working at a bar where I built my career. I have spent seventeen years working in Food & beverage industry. It has been successful, overall I gained a lot of knowledge, also get to meet a lot of people who were influential and supportive. But life was still empty for me.


On 2015, I was diagnosed with clinical depression, which forced me to leave my career behind, and stay with my full time medications. By a chance, someone suggested me to start painting. This gave me an opportunity to pick up my dream from childhood. For the past year, I have been painting and I enjoy the moment doing things I want to, Being a depressive ill patient, this has changed my life and gave me a whole new vision and retrospect of my life."